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Anahita graduates Bachelor of Science in Industrial Economics and began his degree in Industrial Engineering (Master’s Degree) and she also continued her career in healthcare data analysis.
her master’s thesis is about Early diagnosis of renal failure in lupus patients using Data Mining Predictive Models.
As a researcher of MARI, long before she had set a roadmap to achieve both of her career and educational goals in discovering the Mathematical and statistical methods that lead to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of the disease, identify the side effects of the drugs, … are her most favorite passions.
Meanwhile, by understanding the role of higher education as a researcher in the field of health care and afterthought investigations, she came to the conclusion that continuing her education in the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in health care After two years of studying in her master.
Which is a part of her goals for continuing her education in a Ph.D. in the field of implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in health care? She always enjoys learning, sharing her experiences with others, and helping to make the world a better place to live.

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